Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Result

Hey readers! and stalkers too. Erm,actually, I like to be honest and maybe some secret or explanation about my studying and learning.. Our mid year exam almost finish.. one week only left. And now,what I want to say is...

Hurm, macam mana nak bagitahu ye. Bemula dengan BM laa.. Lepas saja p'periksaan hari itu, barulah aku tahu yang aku sebenarnya takbelajar cara nak jawab kertas 2 bahagian D (tak silap), bahagian novel. Aku tak tahu langsung nak jawab/ cara nak jawab soalan berkenaan kerana cikgu nak yang terbaik, tapi aku tak tahu ni.

Then, BI.. Last exam was good but I really, really shame on myself course my mistake that I so lazy to do a writing homework. I didn't know that when a Paper 2, my brain was so crazy and work out like a plane. All idea comes until I didn't realize that that no much time left. I almost tears a drop from my eyes. Shame..

Agama pula, aku tak sangka apa yang aku baca, keluar se-ciput je.. Masa tu aku rasa aku tidur kot. Hehe~ tapi sekejap saje.. Aku cube pakai segale ilmu yang aku ingat.. Tapi, ape kan daya, blank*

While Mathematics.. How can I can't answer all that question? I never miss Math exercise.. OMG, thats totally shame! I forgot some of formula and btw, all solid geometry question, maybe I left it..

Additional Mathematics also same.. I do exercise by day and night.. Try too understand.. and honestly.. I only answer linear equation only.. My target that lot of function will appear, is just like a 'mitos'.. Haha~ (what I'm talking about?)

Kertas Sejarah paling aku tak boleh cerita. Cikgu sejarah kitorang tak ajar pun cara jawab esei dan sudah seminggu tidak masuk kelas mengajar. Kami sangat risau tahap gaban.. Then, result is nothing.. I try my best..

Lastly phisics.. My 20 minutes learning 3 topics was great! Finnaly and honestly finally, This time I can understand what is Phisics. Don't laugh coz this is true. I can answer it little easy than before course Phisics was difficult than the others.. But I'mglad I can answer that even last page is blank* haha~

So, I guess thats all for today.. I'm little boring right now.. Next week, I have Chemistry, Account, and otherwise.. Wish me luck. Thanks read.. Hate typing..

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