Thursday, June 23, 2011

Running but Still Fat!

Hey guys! Today is sports arbitration (Google Translate).. I really excited about this and.. yup.. really excited. There were 4 sports.. And..  I do all it.. Like Long Jump, 100 meters, 400 meters and Throw Bullet? haha~ like that.. And I only wanna play Throw Bullet (damn Google Translate)... but, after teachers says that all what you join and finished perfectly, it will be 1 marks.. Ok then.. so.. Throw Bullet done.. (hahaha, I still can't stop laughing).. and then.. OMG, My most haters sports.. Run 100 meters.. That totally damn! so.. I just jogging.. Why you have to run like a hell if you're fat!? Haha! 

I'm fat and I'm proud.. Go to Hell haters!

 Then, OMG again.. it's 400 meters.. Haha! I like this, a little.. Just like before, just jogging.. BUT, at middle of tracks.. I feels like wanna die! So, tired and my leg was can't take it anymore.. I hope I not drop down a long tracks.. I finished with proud! I'm FIRST! First from behind.. Hahahaha! Then, Long Jump.. I think I just walk and jump but why crowd love and hurray for me? hahahaha! Thanks, thanks again! haha~ Ouh, my leg.. Until here, see you all next post.. See or read? Whatever.. Bye! Salam...

Tired to Typing...


  1. "throw bullet"? nicee google translate~

    it's shot put :)

  2. Haha! I am weak in English.. Damn Google Translate! Haha~ lol

  3. i'm not good in english as well. vocab limited, sbb tu blogging dalam bahasa melayu je. haha :)