Wednesday, August 10, 2011

When someone special, caring about me..

This entry is for my friend that always caring about me and always support me. That's why I call you Papa...

Salam semua, today I'm wanna tell you about a friend, a man, a guy and a Father that I know him since I'm standard 6. Yes, first I know him,  he quiet cute and look like.. mmmm, yeah okay.. What I mean is usually we saw a man on social site, maybe he's lame or annoying or maybe the worst thing is... he's gay.. OMG~ that really shock.. So, I don't know why I want to be his friend (we use Myspace that day)..So, I add him.. Hahaha~ nice.. Luckily he's not a terrorist or something bad.. So, I started chat with him.. Know each other.. Share experience, culture and lifestyle..

~He love The Simpsons~

Yeah, he's okay.. So.. We keep our connection for a 4 YEARS.. Unbelievable right? Until now, we're still sending message and chat on Facebook. And I don't expect a man that we don't know, that not from our place, suddenly caring about us.. I mean, when I sad, I message me and he reply it.. And, he said that he wish that he can came here to comfort me. Just like, OMG, how touching his word.. I don't believe this is him, what I know is he's direct.. When ask something, he'll answer.. Just like that.. But this time I feel a change between us.. I feel like our relationship become so close and closer.. Until that day I was thinking that I want to go to US.. Meet him and stay for a while.. (keep dream Azhar, keep dream).. Hahahha! Okay, so that man is... His name is... ***l* *o****... yes.. that is his name.. right? Get it? Come on.. hahahha~ it's totally secret babe.. Only my best friends know his name.. So, go ask them.. hahaha.. So, I guess that's it.. See you all next time.. Byepppp~ Sweet Home Alabama~


p/s: Okay, aku tahu English aku terrible gila nak mampus, tapi entry ni memang untuk si dia kalau dia tahu aku maksud kan dia,... so, kalau English entry ni, kompom la orang tu Mat Salleh.. so, I love him and he love me too.. ;D  (eh, walaupun terrible, dia paham kot aku cakap ape.. haha!)

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