Friday, November 12, 2010



hey readers... how's going? urh.. right now I'm really have some trouble... not big trouble... hurm... I didn't have an Internet anymore... wawawawa!!!!! Now I'm only online at cc.. kfc.. school (cuti laa) even my friends home...

It's might be 'JARANG-JARANG' to surf Internet and online the book that have face, twit twit, a tube is belong to you even this, Bloggaah!! wuwu... miss the Internet knowledge...

                    GREAT YAAH!

mmm, what is the great news yah?! ouh, we get holiday 1 week early... huraayy.. and next week also having a HARI RAYA AIDILADHA... oh yeah... wanna 'ngap' cows or buffalo.. muahahaah!! mmm, last but not least, a big congratulations to 'Pelancongan' club because get into a national level... ouh yeah! hope you win and make your name become popular one world bebeh.. (x reti bwat ayat, tp nak try!) ouumm... I thinks that enough 4 this week.. ouh, by the way.. special big thanks too all supporters  even 3 best followers.. I wish there are many more followers... and thanks to lilo.. 4 da background... even it's blank, haha... you should visit lilo blog.. seriously cute!!

ok, I thinks this the end.. Bubye.. see you next week.... maybe tomorrow... bye!! hate typing...

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