Sunday, June 5, 2011


Hey guys, readers, stalkers, panda lover and facebook addict! Haha~ last post was totally crrraazzzyyyy yeah! Why I'm so emotional? haha~ Well, now I feel awesome!!.. OMG! Finally I got a panda!! er, I mean finally I watched Kung Fu Panda 2 movie... IN 3D BEBEH! Whooooorhh!.. haha~ That's totally awesome, truly awesome.. I don't know how to say but YOU GUYS HAVE TO WATCH IT NOW! IN 3D BEBEH! haha~ (I love that part).. BUT, BUT.. There something that I really uncomfortable with it.. What is it aha? Haha~ WHY 3D TICKET IS RM20 !!!??? HAAA!!!!? WTH? I though that only RM18.. or maybe 17.. s***.. 

Soooooooo, I don't have any idea about this but.. hurrmm... we buy it.. WE HAVE TO DO SO! We don't have any choice right there.. AND.. haha~ we buy a ticket at 2.45 AND WATCH AT 4 PM!??? HA? FULL? haha~ duh!? NVM.. I walk to 1st floor with my cousin, go to PC fair.. Fair right? And we found stall that having sales right now.. TROPICANA LIFE AND WILD CHANNEL SALES 70% ? OMG! really oomg but.. :'( ... My size... my size!!! Maximum is L! huhuhururmmm.... never mind..
This cool siblings are awesome.. why?

My sis that bought me watch this movie...

ermm.. My cousin, that little girl also my cousin..

My awesome cousin.. Maybe.. >_<

Urrgh, where's my Popeye burger?

So.. we play at arcade.. eating Popeye.. thanks Popeye.. these burger so amazing.. but little expensive.. (:D).. So, 4 pm! Rush to cinema back.. Ticket okay, popcorn ok.. Sit.. sit... my sit.. WAWAWAWA! Nobody watch 3D movies once sat at the side edge... Haish.. not really enjoy that movie but at least I understand it~ hehe.. well.. back home.. before that~! went to pasar malam first.. at Selayang.. then balik la!

So..... wooowwwoo... That's my awesome trip.. but I'll more happy if I watch it with all my beloved friends..

Hate Typing...

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