Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sad Post... :'(

Hey guys.. Actually I don't feel like wanna post this but I already make my blog such my online 'diary'.. Hurmm, first thing, I feel so sad coz my mom felt sick.. It has been 5 day from Saturday ago. My sis and I have to take care of her. And... and be nice with both my nephew and niece. Why I tell this firstly? Actually, today was great day that I already plan me and mt friends went to KL.

bye-bye panda.. Love you~
 If you're always follow me, last post that I always mention that wanna watch Kung Fu Panda 2. Everyday I talk about it on Facebook, Blog, Twitter and on call... I.. I.... I unexpected that this will happen.. I'm now sit in front of my laptop and type about this on Blog.. I though this time I already take a shower and prepare for bus.. And I though I'm now at KTM Batang Kali waiting my fellow friends before train arrived.. Hurmm, :'( , My hope that I will watch Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3D explode just like that.. What special is that movie? Yes! I'm a big fans of KUNG FU PANDA MOVIE and I don't care ! I don't wanna buy a DVD, that not in 3D ! I don't know how can I explain but.... I don't think that I can came next week and watch this movie.. If I have that, that was totally miracle! but with situation... omg, I have a tears on my eyes.. Good bye and good day...
Before that, Happy Birthday sis, you're the greatest sister that I have.. :]

Hate typing

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  1. lepas aku baca post ni ber-ulang alik.. banyak kali.. baru aku sedar.. aku ni macam budak2 rupa-rupanya.. tapi itu favorite movie aku.. nak buat macam mana... :|