Saturday, June 11, 2011

-The Last Great Day before School-

Heyp guys, readers and stalkers! (I pretty like stalkers).. Err, so, how's you guys doing? Nothing? Poor folks.. Anyway guys, (see time?) yup, its almost 1.33 a.m.. My dad wanna use main computer so I use my laptop. Haish.. Actually I want update yesterday but you know the gu.... WHATEVER, so back to our main title.. That's right! Yup.. that's my friend idea went to river and have a picnic.. by this evening.. Actually, my mom didn't give a permission to follow my friends.. but when, all my friend waiting at front of my house.. my mom change her mind and let me go with my friends.. thanks mom! So... I want ride a bicycle only but they told me to ride with them.. with MOTORCYCLE.. OMG, I really weak about riding this but.. (in training actually).. well, just ride.. We take a Kaloi road.. for safety from police.. Buying a drinks.. forgot to bring along.. Then.... lost! Haha~ Almost 5 minute we.. don't now where to go.. AT LAST.. haha~ we found the road to the river.. Kalong river.. Is kind a happy riding motorcycle.. for a FIRST TIME.. haha! at last, we see the river and feel great.. so.. DIVE! cold and cool~! Actually, I'm tired typing this but.. what I gonna say is... THANKS TO ALL MY FRIENDS THAT JOIN ME PICNIC TODAY! LOVE YOU GUYS...! THANKS TO MARFU'AH, MAZ IZZATI, IZAD, FIRDAUS, ZHARIF, HAZIQ & HELMI !

Sand is nice~ haha

Super focus.. nice aha~

Me, Mar, Maz, Fizi

Hope we meet again guys...

Hate typing...

-weird huh? Half story only.. haha~ really tired-

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